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How Do I Look? is a zine inspired by the book To Desire Differently: Feminism and the French Cinema by Sandy Flitterman-Lewis. While discussing the male gaze in relation to the film Cléo de 5 à 7, directed by Agnès Varda, Flitterman-lewis reclaims and redefines the platitude, “How Do I Look?” by turning its objectifying history into an empowering statement that asks the question “How do I see, how is the world viewed by me?” instead of “How am I seen? How do I appear in the eyes of the world? in the eyes of men?”


Mimi has remixed this text and aims to tell a story that changes the objectifying narrative that is historically seen in cinema, literature, painting, and almost all other forms of art and storytelling.


This zine depicts four bold and adventurous women in her life who are the subjects of their story, not the objects.


We are not here to be looked at, but to do the looking.

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