The Power of Visibility is a short film by Elena Rossini and Mimi Anagli showing the monumental impact a simple change in Google search results could have for generations of underrepresented artists.

Mimi is the multimedia producer for Governor Gretchen Whitmer's 2022 run for re-election. She shoots and edits content for Whitmer's campaign as well as capturing photo content.


Lovesick is a fiction short romance turned thriller that Mimi directed, co-wrote, shot, and edited. The film plays on tropes seen in both the romance and thriller genre to tell a modern love story.

Tracing Memories

Tracing Memories is a photo-roman that Mimi shot and edited. The film tells the story of a young woman who goes back to Detroit for the first time after losing her father. Exploring the deep connections people can build with an environment, the images convey the overwhelming feeling of longing that can be accompanied by memories.

Daily Commute

Daily Commute is a short fiction comedy that Mimi directed, shot, and edited. The film depicts daily life during the pandemic.

MSU Study Abroad: French Language, Literature, and culture in Tours

This is a promotional video that Mimi shot and edited for MSU's Department of Romance and Classical Studies. The video advertises a study abroad program sponsored by the department by following the experiences of one student in the program.


Belgium is a travelogue of a trip Mimi took to her home in Belgium. She shot and edited this video to capture moments with her family and the diverse landscape of the country.

Chosen Family

Chosen Family is a short fiction film about love and acceptance during the holiday season. Mimi was the director of photography and boom operator for this film.

Mimi edited over 100 short-form videos highlighting art and innovation for Made in Shoreditch magazine's social media platforms. Several of the videos went viral, reaching up to 3.1, 2.3, and 1.5 million views.

MIS Magazine Videos

Mimi edited a series of lyric music videos for the Michigan State Linguistic Department. The videos are shown to students who are learning English and English grammar.